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We are a German tobacco firm that was created in 2016 and works hard to provide the best flavors and tobacco quality for hookah enthusiasts.

While retaining our absolute commitment to product quality, we are also focused on finding new ways to delight our customers. Quality, consistency, and innovative, great-tasting flavor is what will continue to drive us forward.

We are here to bring our global community of shisha lovers closer together by sharing our passion and love for all things shisha.

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To be pioneers in the production and provision of high-end tobacco-molasses and innovative hookah technology within international quality standards, in order to meet our customer's tastes and achieve a competitive position in the global markets.

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We strive to develop the tobacco-molasses industry globally, through manufacturing, distributing and selling the most exquisite natural molasses, with the best flavors, made from tobacco and non-tobacco ingredients using the latest technologies.

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Overlooking a proper implementation of the quality plan and monitoring the product quality-process performance, ensures conformity and maintains consumer satisfaction and trust. This is achieved through detail-oriented inspections in order make sure that XTC products always meet the latest quality assurance specifications. In addition, analysis of quality standards as well as consumer needs and complaints initiate improvement projects to keep XTC one of the best.

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Maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping high quality product deliverables is achieved through a meticulous process of checking, re-checking and managing the material changes process and shelf life of all related materials. Moreover, in order to maintain product standards and specifications, a proactive approach is adopted through the use of extensive research, in order to detect defects before any XTC product is distributed in the market.

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Carl-Zeiss-Straße 30 Hemmingen 30966 Hannover Germany
+49 163 2210007

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